Respite Care

About Respite Care 

Respite care is the temporary and time limited care of someone who requires support, care or supervision. It is a care provision that meets the needs of multiple people by seamlessly providing continuity of care and simultaneously facilitating time out for long term carers, usually family members. It is a critical care provision that is often overlooked and over simplified. However, all care should be well planned, well considered and approached with respect of the client, their family and their environment. Respite care should not be an exception. Pinnacle Care Professionals will guarantee to provide the same level of support, care planning and risk assessment input for respite clients as we do with all our clients.  If you are considering respite care, or feel it is something you require now, or may require in the future, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you, and develop a bespoke package that meets your needs. 


Day Respite

Pinnacle Care Professionals Ltd offer bespoke packages of day time respite care. This flexibility in designing a respite package that meets the needs of each indivudal means we can tailor package for single, one off support, routine respite support or even holiday cover. 

We aim to establish communiction with families and clients in advance of respite being required. This allows us to complete assessments of care and build relationships with families and clients. Our day time respite packages are delivered in time blocks, with a minimum of 2 hours. 

We do however recognise that life sometimes creates unpredictable circumstances, and doesnt always allow for advanced planning to occur. We sometimes have capacity for short term, emergency respite cover. We will respond positvely and consider all emergency requests on a case by case basis and we guarantee there will be no impact on the quality of experience recieved or care delivered.



Overnight Respite 

Pinnacle Care Professionals Ltd offer overnight respite cover on a short term basis. We are able to offer this as a waking night cover or sleeping cover specific to indivudal needs. 

With all respite packages, this level of support could be offered for one night, regular cover or holiday cover. 

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