Care Packages

We offer personal care and support packages for people aged 18 and over. With a wide knowledge base within a highly specialist care team, we can ensure the team delivering each care package is tailored to the needs and preferences of each service user.
All our care packages are offered with a time lock promise, which secures the original call time until you do no longer need it.

We currently have space for new services users within our morning and evening rounds.

For an informal discussion about whether we can meet your needs, please contact us.

Support for people aged 18+

Pinnacle Care Professionals Ltd is registered with the Care Quality Commission to delivery care to adults  aged 18 and over. We have no upper age limit. 

Personalised Care

No two people are the same, and therefore no two care packages should be the same. 

Pinnacle Care Professionals work collaboratively with all new service users, their families and all key professionals to put together personalised, well informed, professional care packages. 

Time Lock Promise

All our care packages come with a time-lock guarantee. Which guarantees the time slots of care agreed, are secured for the duration of the contract. 

Areas of Expertise

All our staff receive a lengthy induction process and are supported to develop specialist knowledge that informs and underpins safe, responsive and effective care delivery.

Palliative and End of Life Care

We have extensive knowledge and experience within the care team of advanced care planning, and  the delivery of quality, person centred, palliative and end-of-life care. 

Dementia Care 

Within our care team, there is a wealth of dementia specific qualifications, training and long service experience in providing specialist care for people living with dementia. We offer specialised dementia home assessments as part of our dementia care packages. These can also be arranged as a standalone service, on request. 

Rehabilitative Care

Our care team have a strong understanding of the difference between care and support. which is critical when delivering short rehabilitative care packages, where the outcome is for care to be transitioned out. 

Specialist diagnosis care

Before taking on service users with a specific diagnosis, we ensure staff receive training to enable the safe delivery of such care package. Staff assigned to deliver the care are supported to undertake professional qualifications that develop their knowledge and better inform care delivery.

To date, our staff team have specialist diagnosis specific qualifications in the delivery of care for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone Disease and Strokes. Our knowledge base is continually expanding to ensure we meet the needs of our service users. 

Personal Care

All our care staff are trained to deliver personal care in a safe, dignified way. All our staff have completed the certificate and will hold or be working towards NVQs in care fields. 

Personal care forms the base of our provision and always runs alongside other care needs, which are clearly addressed through our robust care planning process. 

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